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Ancient Roman Glass

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Long before gemstones were faceted or pearls were cultured, ancient glass ranked on par with the most precious of gems. Proud artisans mixed silica, lime, and soda to create artifacts as valuable as gold. As the art of glass blowing was developed, objects became even more intricate. This process allowed the creation of useful, as well as decorative, items such as bowls, vessels, and vases. Often such treasures were used as tomb offerings, where they have been uncovered as ancient areas are excavated.

The blown glass was translucent, usually with a green or bluish tint. Over time this glass developed a rich patina that left the glass itself opaque through the addition of a rainbow of colors. This variation of colors made each piece of glass unique.

Each piece of jewelry featuring this ancient glass comes with a certificate of authenticity and is truly one of a kind. Purchasing a piece of this jewelry is a chance to own a unique and interesting part of history.

Introducing "Blue John"
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Hidden in the hills west of Castleton in Derbyshire, England an unusual mineral occurs in small amounts. Its name is "Blue John" for the distinctive blue in the stone that is swirled by darker blue, some lighter blue and cream and even some inky blue. If you look closely, you might see a rich chocolate brown in some stones, too.

For many years, we’ve had requests for Chalice jewelry made with Blue John but it was impossible to find these beautiful stones. Finally, after a long search, we found a family of UU jewelers in the village of Castleton who feature this unique stone in a small collection of flaming chalice pendants made from Sterling Silver. Crafted with the same intricate attention to every detail that you expect from our own hand-made ChaliceArt jewelry, each precious piece of Blue John made into a flaming Chalice satisfies our requirement for the most special and very best to present to you.