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     Our goal is to produce murals, portraits and large scale oil paintings at a reasonable price that begin where most other muralists and artists qualitatively end. We produce a limited number of paintings per year.  None are produced with any kind of photographic process - they are drawn and painted by hand and produced in the best traditions of the old masters. The finest archival materials, high quality canvas, oil and modern archival acrylic media are standard - not extra.  We sincerely hope that our work will be handed down from generation to generation - they are painted to withstand the test of time. Each mural is one of a kind and specifically designed for the customer - no mass production.

       Due to loading time of large numbers of photographs we are posting only about a dozen examples in various styles and quality levels on our main photo page - there are more paintings on other pages - every page of the site has at least one example of work not repeated elswhere.click here to view the main photo page.

      Artists who have never painted a mural often ask "how to" and "what materials" questions - Doug has written an informal tutorial taken from his upcoming book on painting murals. This is also a good set of pages for anyone who would like to know how murals are painted or just get a feel for the artist - click here.

We are in the process of building a new type of art gallery (Liquid Forest Galleries) and will be seeking new artists to show - call for artists - click here for information on the gallery concept and Doug's philosophy.


     We hand paint original interior murals on canvas that can be shipped and installed anywhere in the world or we will paint on location anywhere in the world.  Although we get a number of requests, we do not sell pre-printed wallpaper murals, photo murals, copies of other artists work or  murals on automobiles, trucks or vans.
     The answer to the commonly asked question "Can you paint this...?" is always "Yes".  Whatever you would like, at whatever size, style or color scheme you would like, we will paint.  Our only limitation on subject matter is that we will not reproduce another artists work - this includes cartoons.  Size limitations for interior murals on canvas are based solely on availability of canvas at size - currently, the largest quality canvas we are able to purchase is 12 feet by 30 feet - we can produce larger murals by sectioning canvas.

Our mailing address is:

Liquid Murals
481 Gun Club Rd.
Denison TX 75021

Our business telephone number is 903-271-5807 however this is a cell phone and the studio far in the country, in an area with poor coverage - email is the best means for contacting us.  Home phone is 903-464-0601.

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